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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Electrical Issues Update

I've been told that the main breaker is bad, along with at least 4 (probably more by now) of the little "sub-breakers". After they fix these problems, they will be able to determine if there are any other issues.

Even less of the house has power now - apparently as each "sub-breaker" goes bad, it takes another area of the house with it! Yep, you guessed it - power in my office is now gone! I'm only logging on from work right now - and that certainly limits my computer time!

So today we sit waiting for parts - can't wait til Friday when the repair work is scheduled. Ahhh... the joys of a 62 year old house with the original wiring!


  • Oh dear sorry to hear about that. Must be hard as the weather is turning cold. I hope you still have electric in the kitchen.

    Take care

    By Blogger Britmum, at 8:41 AM  

  • Nope - kitchen went 10 days ago, when the problems began. Thankfully it'll only be a few more days now til it's fixed!

    By Blogger kateandjona, at 12:08 PM  

  • So that's why I havent' heard from you much! Keep warm, hope it doesn't get too cold and looking forward to Friday when I hear that everything is all better!

    By Blogger Chaos Mommy, at 5:27 PM  

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