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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Baby it's COLD outside! And inside too!

It's a little early for the house to be playing Halloween tricks, don't you think?

Yesterday when I left for work, everything was fine. When I got home, the phone didn't work - no dial tone. So I went to a neighbor's house and called the phone company. They verified that the account is paid up to date and they did not disconnect service, and transfered me to the repair dept. Repair ran a check on the line, said everything was fine, that sometimes a line "jams" and just needs to be reset. They told me to unplug every phone in the house, leave them unplugged for 10 minutes, and then reconnect them. I did, and it worked!

So of course I'm thinking everything is ok, right? I go into my bedroom and hit the light switch - and NO LIGHTS. I'm trying to figure out how the 4 bulbs in my ceiling fan could have possibly all burnt out at once as I turn on the hallway light. NO LIGHTS. I walk across the hall to my little office room, the computer is on and the ceiling fan is running, so obviously I have electricity.

We check the breaker box - no tripped breaker. We check fuses - all appear fine. We start checking the rest of the house and


NO POWER in the kitchen (that's right - can't cook and all the food in the fridge/freezer is going to go bad!)

NO POWER in the living/dining room - which is why I fell over the coffee table last night in the dark!

NO POWER in MY room - no alarm clock!

NO POWER in 1/2 of the basement - no clothes dryer (although the washer works fine!) and NO FURNACE!!!

The power in my little office, in one bathroom, and in my son's room works fine.

I repeat:



  • I once called the repair man to come about the stove which wouldn't work. He pluggd it in.

    I can't be of ANY help with this.

    By Blogger Oh, The Joys, at 8:04 AM  

  • Mice?

    By Blogger Valerie - Riding Solo, at 10:24 AM  

  • (laughing about plugging in the stove!)

    mice? don't think so. have never heard any, or seen any evidency, don't know how the sneaky little buggers would get in - even have poured concrete walls in the basement!

    I'll just have to call an electrician - there goes the budget for a while! (groan!)

    Oh, well - worse things HAVE happened! And GOOD things happen too!

    I'm actually a finalist in Kristen's "SUPPORT A MOM" contest!!! WOW! If anyone wants to vote, the contest can be found at Click on "MomBlogs", then "view blogroll", then scroll down til you see The Mom Trap - that's where you'll find the contest!

    By Blogger kateandjona, at 11:04 AM  

  • OK- that happened to me too, and I checked the fuses also. They all looked fine. I called in an electrician, he took one look, flipped all of the fuses off, waited 30 seconds, flipped all of the fuses on, and everything was fixed. He recommended replacing one of the fuses as it was flipping 'internally'. Hopefully this will work for you.

    By Anonymous Jen-Again, at 12:24 PM  

  • Stumbled upon your blog from Amalah (Mom's Daily Dose) and absolutely LOVE both are AMAZING individuals. I will be back regularly! Keep hanging in there!

    By Anonymous Andrea, at 1:30 PM  

  • you guys, i just cried so much reading your posts that i got all snotty and i'm wearing a tank top so i have no sleeves to even wipe my nose on and i didn't want to stop reading so i put my foot up on the seat and used my jeans!

    both of your entries are so incredible and brave and sad and beautiful that i, as a 36 year old woman wiped my snotty nose on my pants so i didnt have to atop reading!! I hope that doesn't gross you out, i was thinking you might be impressed!)

    you two are amazing and i am so sorry that your mom is so insenstive kate and that some of your teachers have been so awful and that the other moms dont talk to you kate. what is wrong with these people. tragedy isnt CONTAGIOUS!! why is almost everybody in our culture so afraid of grieving people? we're nice people, aren't we?

    i wish i was your neighbor so i could help you out. my neighbors were pretty awful when i lost my little charlotte at 22 1/2 weeks and they said nothing at all really when i lost another baby several months later. i called it "tragedy fatigue."

    i know death makes people uncomfortable but c'mon people!!!

    you two sound like incredible people. i hope my 5-year-old son still likes me when he's a teenager.

    i am inspired by your strength and grace and honesty. i loved your post, kate, on autumn. i will post about how autumn makes me feel soon. i will also do the autumn leaf thing; they are so heartbreakingly beautiful.

    sorry about my user name guys. it's been a tough year. my blog is pretty gory and raw and angry so i hope jona isn't curious.

    i wish you every good thing that the world has to offer. wow, that's a lot of stuff. okay i just wish you joy.

    check out the song "Over the Rainbow" by a hawaiian guy named Israel cant-spell-his-last-name. i have found that it almost always makes me feel really good.

    thank you both for your blog. it's a gift to all who read it.

    By Blogger whatthef*ck, at 3:41 PM  

  • Hi Andrea, glad you found us!

    Whatthe... - I peeked at your blog last night (without jona!) and I'm so very sorry for the difficult losses you've been struggling thru. Hang in there!

    By Blogger kateandjona, at 5:19 AM  

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