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Monday, April 14, 2008

YOU can save a life!

April is National Donate Life Month, a time to raise public awareness of the critical need for organ, tissue, marrow, and blood donation. ... Over the years, many participating organizations and individuals found it restrictive to limit special donation awareness efforts to one week in April-especially as the week often conflicted with other observances such as National Volunteer Week, or at times, with Passover or Holy Week. The change to a month-long observance of 'National Donate Life Month' underscores the importance of donation of not only organs and tissues, but also marrow and blood.

The goal is to "raise public awareness of the critical need." The need for...

In recent years, the science of organ transplantation has made great strides. Unfortunately, the process of securing and allocating organs has not matched this progress. There still is a critical shortage of organs. Here are some statistics: * The number of people waiting to receive an organ transplant in the United States is rising. There are now more than 82,000 people on the national organ transplantation waiting list. * Each day, 63 people receive an organ transplant, but another 16 people on the waiting list die because organs aren't available.

Every day, people on the waiting list die because organs aren't available.
There are two essential steps to saving lives through organ donation:
1. SHARE YOUR LIFE. Decide to be a donor.Transplants provide hope for thousands of people with organ failure. In addition, hundreds of thousands more can be helped with tissue transplants. Unfortunately, the need for donors is much greater than the actual number of donors. Your commitment to organ and tissue donation can save lives.

2. SHARE YOUR DECISION. Tell your family. The most important part of deciding to be a donor is telling your family. Talking about donation doesn't mean talking about death. It is talking about the opportunity to give another person a second chance at life...


  • Everyone who wishes to become an organ, tissue or eye donor should sign up (each state's sign-up method is different). You can find out how to sign up in your state at

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