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Saturday, March 22, 2008


So THAT's why I've been feeling so totally punk lately. Apparently a hemoglobin count of 4 is simply NOT good! No wonder I couldn't bend over without getting very dizzy, walk up the stairs without getting winded, and could barely make it thru the work day. Oh, my!
Now that they've got my hemoglobin count to a 10.6, I'm actually beginning to feel somewhat functional ... and certainly less fuzzy and clouded in my thinking. This is a good thing.
I had some internal bleeding, which is now under control, so hopefully these issues won't arise again any time soon.
Unfortunately, my hospitalization really threw Jona into a MAJOR tailspin, and now we've got some fairly serious repercussions to deal with. I'm not really feeling up to all of this right now, but there's no choice. Well, at least he had his meltdown at home (not at school or his friends home) and his grades have stayed up thru my illness.
He's really such a good kid. But we've got to help him develop some better coping skills for when he feels like he's going on emotional overload.


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