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Friday, April 04, 2008

Wow - April already?

These last few months have passed me by. As I felt more exhausted and more ill, I slowly began to hibernate as much as possible. And now it seems as I've missed a considerable amount of time.

Jona, of course, was a typical teen during this time. He went back and forth between attempting to help (perhaps 25% of the time) and mastering the art of taking advantage of the fact that Mom was down for the count (sadly, the remaining 75% of the time). I'm really quite frustrated by the choices he's been making, but we're working on it. At least his grades are solid (4.0 on a 4-point scale) and his attitude at school is good.

It's really quite unimaginable, the situation that arises when an only parent becomes life-threateningly ill. We've dealt with common everyday illnesses in the years since Don's , but to be faced with an emergency hospitalization and all of the unknowns that come into play in a situation like this is really quite surreal.

Attempting to make arrangements for Jona to stay with a friend and ride a different bus and all of those odd details that need to be attended to ... while on oxygen, getting various fluids in various IV's, on major painkillers, barely able to breathe let alone to think or talk, and having my vitals taken by hospital staff every 15 minutes ... well, it's an experience I really would rather not repeat.

And Jona's post traumatic flash-back reaction to my hospitalization certainly didn't help matters any! Luckily for me, midway thru my 9-day hospital stay I encountered a wonderful social worker who actually appeared to have some level of understanding of what a widow and only parent faces when hospitalized ... and she pulled a few strings to get me a private room with a cot, so Jona could stay whenever he wanted.

We'll be trying to get Jona back on a level course - I'm certain it will take a while, he's really quite emotional right now. And I'm continuing to work towards recovery - well, as much "recovery" as is possible. Hoping to gain a bit more strength soon.

And of course, we're looking forward to the State Finals for Science Olympiad later this month!


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