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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Overwhelmed ...

Feeling like I couldn't write a coherent sentence lately if my life depended on it. Stress seems to muddle my brain. It's not a good thing, that's for sure. All of the issues just seem to spin around inside my head endlessly, and it's taking a toll.

With all of this action happening inside my head, you'd think that I might be getting a lot done ... sadly, no. Apparently all of the inner-head activity serves one purpose and that is to leave me exhausted. I'm having trouble accomplishing even the simplest of tasks.

I'm more than a little frustrated with it all, but my head hurts and I'm really too damn tired to attempt to sort it all out.


  • Sorry you are feeling so low.. and sorry I have been somewhat absentee lately. My mom's visit is keeping me busy, but I will get in touch later this weekend. Hope you feel better! ((((HUGS)))) Snow

    By Blogger snowflake, at 6:16 AM  

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