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Thursday, November 02, 2006

And then what happened??? they asked impatiently ...

When I met “The Man” he had the “deer in the headlights” look – people get this look that is so filled with pain, so filled with sadness, so filled with loss, so filled with that trapped look of a deer in the headlights that’s it’s often instantly recognizable by anyone who’s ever lost a child or a spouse. I know this look well – I once I saw it every time I looked in a mirror.

I met “The Man” shortly after the death of his youngest son. This handsome 17 year old was killed after witnessing an accident and stopping to help the victims. He was struck by another vehicle and killed instantly. “The Man” and I had talked several times about this tragic event. He initially seemed surprised that he had found someone he was comfortable talking with about this and who wouldn’t shy away from the situation. I hadn’t told him anything about Don or Chloe but I suspect that the night he asked about my “divorce”, he began to realize why that was.

Our first date was amazing. I insisted on meeting at the restaurant – just wasn’t sure yet where this was going! We ordered drinks and began talking. Talking to “The Man” has always been amazingly comfortable (one of the VERY few things he shares with my husband!) and conversation was flowing well. I just couldn’t resist grinning and asking him about a rumor – one that I already KNEW was untrue! – that I had heard from a couple members of his staff. I know, I’m bad – but I really wanted to see his reaction! (Ya'll can see my evil grin, can't you?)

“So, I hear you’re doing Donna …” I boldly stated. He choked on his drink and turned 8 shades of red. “You heard WHAT?” he stammered. I laughed. He wasn’t quite as amused; rather irritated in fact, as he asked me to confirm the source of the rumor. After he ranted for several minutes, he exclaimed “Don’t you of all people know better than THAT?” I giggled. He was quiet for several minutes then finally sighed and asked “Well if that’s what you thought, then what are you doing here tonight?”. It was my turn to say “Don’t you of all people realize that I know you better than THAT?” and I touched his cheek and our eyes met. He reached across the table and held my hand for the remainder of the meal. Seriously. Didn’t let go, not even once.

Dinner was over – that meant it was time to go home, right? Wrong! We just didn’t want the evening to end! We went to the lake and talked for hours. When I began to shiver, he wrapped his jacket around my shoulders. And then he kissed me. No, not on the cheek this time. I mean, he kissed me. He kissed me and I went weak in the knees as I felt his body react too. And after kissing for a few moments, tears began to roll down my cheeks. He instantly said “Kate, I’m sorry” and I just shook my head. I didn’t have to say anything; somehow, he just understood. After a few moments it was all ok. We held each other for a while, just relaxing and watching the moonlight on the lake.


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