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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Give Sorrow Words

"Give sorrow words" William Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth. And many have done just that. Thousands of playwrights, authors, poets, and journalists have used their own words to tell stories that help them thru crisis; they have used words to console them in grief, loss, pain, challenge, or growth; and to celebrate the joy in their lives.

It echoes in the darkness of my mind
Bloodcurdling and shrill; listen and you might hear it
Louder than any sound, it is my pure unadulterated pain
It disturbs my thoughts, interrupts my sleep
Distorts my reality and rips apart my life
Inflicted by fate
Borne of necessity

More devastating than physical death, this is the death of my soul

Written shortly after Don's death in 1999


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