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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Good Start

Well, I'm just sitting here listening to the thunder rumble and feeling relieved. The school year is off to a good start.

He finally got himself prepared the night before (organization is not Jona's strong point!). Well, mostly prepared. Just one little problem. "MOM! I can't find my drumsticks!" And since I wasn't the last one to use them, I felt real comfortable in replying "then look harder!".

A little bit of difficulty getting out of bed (Jona's not a morning person either!) but he managed. We've been working on getting up when the alarm goes off all summer long. I have no problem with this; unfortunately I'm usually up long before the alarm rings at 6. But Jona is another story - he would sleep to noon if he could!

I thought of him while I was at work today, and wondered how things were going. But then I got busy and forgot all about school. I thought of him again when he wasn't home at 3:00. The bus is supposed to drop off the kids about a block from here at 2:40. But at 3:10 I heard the bus and he showed up at home just 3 minutes later. The bus was a little late and now that I think about it the bus is usually running late on the first day of school.

Jonathon came in the front door with the words "I love ALL of my teachers! It's gonna be a great year" and then spent about 40 minutes telling me about his day. He is separated from his best friend in all classes except band, but this doesn't seem to bother him.

I was a little concerned when he proudly told me he has been "hired" as a lunch room worker. The kids "apply" to work the first 10 minutes of their 30 minute lunch hour in exchange for a free lunch. As great as this sounds (it either saves me about $12.50 a week or the bother of packing a lunch each day and shopping for things to put in that lunch) I was worried about him not getting time to hang out with his friends, something he loves to do. But I was worried for no reason - Jona's best friend is a lunch room worker too!

I'm going to just relax this evening and listen to the rain. I love thunderstorms.


  • Just a blog browser who was compelled to read your entire blog.

    The tears are rolling down my face as I yearn to hug both you and Jonathon. And to be a friend to you when you feel no one else will.

    I have no experience in your pain. I can only envision and imagine before the fear and pain of the possibilities make me incapable of breathing. But I can listen. And I can tell you both that your beautiful posts have made a difference in MY life.

    (And yes - I've been a donor organ for years and years now...)

    By Blogger Tracey, at 8:25 PM  

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