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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Me again

Wow. I just read what my mom wrote yesterday and I don't think I ever knew how hard this has been on her. I mean I know it's been really hard but I didn't know HOW hard. Maybe I was too little to know. I sure am glad that things are so much better now, 7 years later. But I'll bet she still has those "the pain never goes away days" - 'cause I still do. It's like being stuck on a merry-go-round or something that just won't stop. Maybe a roller coaster with all it's ups and downs. But you're stuck on there and can't ever get off. People think this is something you just "get over". Well you don't just "get over" this, people. Not ever.

Anyways, it's my turn today and I made a list that I want to post, so here it is:

Top 10 reasons why my life sucks:

10 I’m not rich.
9 I can’t drive – and my Mom has a Mustang!
8 My Mom won’t buy McDonalds every day.
7 I’m starting to get acne.
6 I have to do chores. I hate chores.
5 I chipped my left front tooth – and don’t even know how!
4 School is not year round.
3 My Grandpa, who used to take me to the river to watch the boats, is dead.
2 We don’t live in the mountains – and I miss spending summers in the mountains.
1 My Dad is dead. It's been 7 years now. And I still miss him EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My Mom would only let me post the first list if I agreed to make and post a second list:

Top 10 reasons why my life is good:

10 I get to have fun bargain shopping and we always find good stuff.
9 I’ve been to a couple of really cool rock concerts.
8 My Mom lets me watch “Dog the Bounty Hunter”.
7 My Grandma paid me $5 just to vacuum the basement.
6 I am on the Science Olympiad team.
5 I am very smart.
4 I get to take taekwondo lessons
3 I get to be on the swim team.
2 I have good friends.
1 The library is only 1 mile away!!!

Ok, so maybe life isn't ALL bad, but parts of it stink! Maybe I'll go do my chores so I can call a friend and go to the library - isn't it cool that the library is open on Sunday afternoons?!? I love it!



  • Jonathon--

    I appreciated your first list and I loved reading the second, especially the part about loving school so much that you would like it to be year-round. I can definitely tell you're smart (I'm a teacher, I just KNOW these things!) Like you, the library is one of my very favorite places. When I go to a new town, I always wonder what the library is like and want to visit it.

    You had a terrible thing happen to you early in life. I'm sorry.

    There is a saying I used to have on my refrigerator that I looked at and read everyday. It was by Maya Angelou, a poet and writer. She said, "I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it."

    Stand firm, Jonathon. Feel what you feel. Put one foot in front of the other. Find joy in your life. Continue to learn and grow. This is your life. Live it!

    By Blogger blog author, at 7:52 AM  

  • blog author -
    My mom has that same saying on the bulletin board our office/homework room!
    Thanks for writing to me!

    By Blogger kateandjona, at 9:19 AM  

  • Ok, here's my list to you:
    5. Dog is a great guy to look up to
    4. You are lucky to have a mom teach you to bargain shop! (trust me!)
    3. Science is extemely important, so I'm glad you are good at it
    2. so is the library, so I'm glad you love it
    1. You are blessed to have the family you do, memories and all!

    You're a good kid, Jonathon! ;)

    By Blogger Chaos Mommy, at 10:28 AM  

  • Ten things to keep in mind:

    1. People who grow up rich often think that their money makes up for a lack of character. They're wrong.
    2. The importance of having even one good, true friend cannot be overrated.
    3. All the money in the world can't buy you brains, but if you're smart you can make money.
    4. It absolutely sucks that your Dad and Grandpa are dead. That is true and you should never be ashamed of feeling that.
    5. Washing your face with Noxzema is good for keeping acne under control.
    6. You will eventually be able to drive.
    7. You will have all the girlfriends you want in college, because smart girls are always into smart athletic guys who know how to shop.
    8. In novels, men with a chipped front tooth are usually described as "rakishly handsome."
    9. Living only a mile from the library is as good as being rich, as far as your brain is concerned.
    10. Lots of people you have never met, and may never meet, care about and are praying for you and your mom.

    By Anonymous Becki, at 6:55 PM  

  • You are so lucky to have a mom that helps you see both sides of a situation.

    You can continue to look up to your Dad and try to do what he would have done to get through life.

    The father of my children is still living but would not come to the son's wedding, acknowledge his granddaughter's birth and does not even tell the kids when he moves. He is still here but only makes them sad.

    When we lost my mate they felt like they lost their Dad. They can remember him and how he would do something to get by now.

    Be glad you had your dad. Be sad he is gone. Live on and be a good dad yourself.

    Bless you, boy.

    By Blogger Valerie - Riding Solo, at 11:49 AM  

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