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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gonna Get Worn Out From Dancing!

Yeah! It’s over! (happy dance!) Back-to-school shopping is over! One $7 jacket and one $7 hoodie added to our previous purchases and it’s over! He’s declared that he has everything he needs! Over with money to spare! Which is surprising, considering he's outgrown almost everything he owned over the summer! I am so glad to be done with back-to-school shopping that I can hardly contain myself! (more happy dance!)

Shopping used to be ok. Never really my thing. Like Jonathon pointed out, shopping was his Dad’s idea of fun, not mine. My husband loved to shop. Absolutely loved it. And had great taste too! His enthusiasm made shopping bearable – even fun sometimes.

Now shopping is like the equivalent of a root canal – an expensive, painful, dreaded experience. An activity that causes so much stress and anxiety that it is often accompanied by headaches, heart palpitations and shortness of breath. Not exactly my idea of a good time.

Jonathon (reading over my shoulder) says “but Mom, you’re a great bargain hunter” and this is true. But shopping remains a highly stressful activity for me. He continues “and we had a great time!” I’m glad he had fun. This took effort on my part, believe me! And a little self-bribery too: “Ok self, if you make it all the way to the other end of the mall without getting bitchy, you can have a strawberry banana smoothie on the way home”

I made it. I got my smoothie. And Jona got all of his “necessities” for back-to-school. And we don’t have to do it again for a whole year! (happy, happy, happy dance!)

note: Grocery shopping is an entirely different thing - that is a challenge I can deal with, even on our $25/week budget!


  • You need to teach me how to bargain shop! Then I'd be in your debt! My idea of bargain shopping is Old Navy, somehow I dont' think that counts ;)

    By Blogger Chaos Mommy, at 10:58 PM  

  • Your grocery shopping budget is $25?

    I am truly impressed!!

    Glad to hear that school shopping is over with. I haven't had to do it yet my kiddos are still to young but I am sure I will dread it when the time comes.

    By Anonymous Sarah, at 7:39 AM  

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