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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ahhh...a success (at last)

Ok, so it's not a success in what we were trying to do - we spent several hours in the last few days trying to upload a photo to our blog. Frustrating! It's just not working the way it's supposed to!
So we decided we needed a break and went off in search of school supplies, and we did great!

Folders with pockets and prongs for 5 cents/ea
mini notebooks for 5 cents/ea
8 pack of regular wooden pencils for 8 cents/ea
24-pack RoseArt crayons for 8 cents/ea
wooden rulers for 8 cents/ea
Elmers glue for 8 cents/ea
ruled index cards for 10 cents/100-pack
big pink erasers for 10 cents/2-pack
15 ct. cap-erasers for 10 cents/pack
large sheets of poster board for 10 cents/ea
10 packs of Bic Flex-grip pens for 10 cents/pack
5 packs of mechanical pencils for 10 cents/pack
spiral bound notebooks for 10 cents/ea
glue stics for 15 cents/2-pack
12 packs of colored pencils for 20 cents/pack
college ruled notebook paper for 22 cents/pack
10 ct. Crayola markers for 49 cents/pack
1" vinyl binders for 49 cents/ea
the Meijer store & Tony's frozen pizza deal:
large frozen Tony's pizza for $2.50 ea, buy 4 pizzas and get $5 worth of free school supplies!
Here's what we got for free:
2 12-packs of locker magnets
1 protractor
a student planner
1 3-pack of refill leads for the mechanical pencils
(and 4 large frozen pizzas mean I don't have to cook dinner for 4 nights! YIPPEE!!!)

Yeah, I'm a bargain-hunter! And we got plenty of the above mentioned items to get Jona thru the school year, and also a bag to share - we're taking it to the local food bank's school supplies drive! Hey, at those prices we can afford to share!

So, we'll still have to revisit the issue of trying to get a photo to upload - but in the meantime, at least I feel like I've accomplished something!


  • All that for one kid?
    I bought a ton of stuff last year for my daughter and she came home at the end of the year with half of it unused. I noticed this year the supply list is shorter. I must not have been the only one to complain!
    Good luck in school Jonathan!

    By Blogger Chaos Mommy, at 12:20 PM  

  • Hooray, you did it! Very cute picture!!! I love it!

    By Blogger Chaos Mommy, at 12:00 AM  

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