Jonathon's Closet

Thursday, July 24, 2008

celebrating our differences

One of the things that I so love about my group of friends is the beautiful diversity that exists among us. I know of several different belief systems in this group.

What would happen if someone who has a belief system contrary to mine wished me well, offered support or tried to comfort my sorrows with words that have little or no meaning for me? How can one ever fault a person for this? Kindness, support, friendship, well-wishes - when offered in earnest? I embrace and accept it all - to do otherwise just isn't acceptable to me.

I appreciate each and every one of the my friends. I find their differences to be inspiring, interesting, educational, exquisite. Everyone has something to add. Every color makes my rainbow brighter. Every perspective opens my mind to the world just a little bit more. Every belief has value. And every belief is welcomed into my life.

I encourage each and every one of you to please remember the spirit of the words. Perhaps the words offered by someone you encounter today don't match your own personal spiritual journey. That's ok. But the person offering the words? They matter very much. And that they took the time to tell you ... to remind you ... to let you know that you are important ... that your feelings matter ... that you are valued ... supported ... loved ...

They may show those feelings with different words that you might choose - but what matters is the expression of those feelings. Enjoy the diversity ... embrace our differences ... there is tremendous beauty to be found here.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Gas costs what??? LOL!

You'd think that current gas prices would make me absolutely dread my 35 minute drive to and from campus every day. Only stands to reason, right? Well apparently I lack reason - I AM LOVING IT! No, not the cost of it of course - but the quiet time, the solitude, and well ... convertible + sunshine + music = recharging my batteries! Now that is my kind of math!

School's going well - a bit on the busy side and certainly frustrating at times, but all is well. I'm working out 4 days a week in the fitness facilities on campus, so hopefully I'll recoup some of my stamina soon ('cause ya know, it sure gets frustrating to feel like an old woman all the time!)

It's been so "in my face" lately - life as an only parent. Same old frustrations. Being the only parent on-deck simply wears thin at times. But we're hanging in ... and Jona seems to be recovering his sense of humor: my recent meds make my hair fall out and now that it's coming in again, it seems to no longer be blonde - oh boy, is THAT an understatement - ummm ... it's coming in sort of a salt&pepper gray, really quite dark. Jona's solution? To toss me a bottle of - get this - platinum blonde haircolor and suggest that I "do something - because not only do (you) look like a guy, it's kinda scary Mom!"


Such a sweet child.