Jonathon's Closet

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Empty: without appropriate or accustomed contents

Stop looking.
You won’t find yourself there.
You aren’t really lost.
Reach into the darkness with one hand
and take hold of the other.
There you are,
drowning in your own thoughts.

The wounds healed years ago.
And yet haven’t healed at all.
You can’t lie to yourself.
Teaching yourself never to cry is not an accomplishment.
Punishing yourself with neglect is not a demonstration of discipline.
Hating yourself is not the same thing as humility.
Destruction is not a virtue.

Strive for serenity.
Aim for making a difference.
Work toward true goodness.
This is not about loss.
This is about acceptance.
Acceptance without complacency.
And it is up to you
to fill your empty heart.