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Friday, February 23, 2007

Grief and Loss in Cyberspace

When I lost the love of my life, I felt as if my own heart had been shredded.

I needed a community to wrap around myself against colder winds than fortune had ever blown at me before. And without looking, I found I had one in the virtual world.

As humans have since words were first uttered, we shared a common human experience, death, with an open-heartedness that would have caused grave uneasiness in physical America , where the whole topic is so cloaked in denial as to be considered obscene.

Those strangers, who had no arms to put around my shoulders, no eyes to weep with mine, nevertheless saw me through. As neighbors do.

Many will find, as I have, a much richer appreciation of physical reality for having spent so much time in virtual reality.

In hopes that you realize that you have "neighbors" right here, who care very much.


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