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Friday, May 18, 2007

What you don't want "public", you shouldn't prance across a stage!!!

Here are a few of the comments people have shared in e-mail and on my other journal. Apparently, I'm not alone in believing that CHILDREN should not dress like streetwalkers:

I'm surprised that they didn't impose some form of uniform dress for them! I've played in orchestras since I was in 4th grade. We were always given some guidelines for dress, and often they were very specific--either white shirt and long black skirt or pants, or later on, all black.

That is truly appalling. Some parents like to live through their kids. They will let their kids do whatever it takes to be "popular" or look cool. It is utterly ridiculous!!!

I'd have been as appalled as you were. WTG for speaking out!

I hate seeing the girls at my daughter’s jr. high dressed like that! It is like they are advertising that they are easy!!

I had a similar experience. It's sad that parents think that kind of apparel is appropriate. I went to the principal and he handled it immediately.

I was there, and I was appalled also.

I echo what has been commented many times earlier--I'm just shocked at what some parents think is appropriate (or not)!

I understand your disgust and frustration. The way that these young girls dress is NOT becoming to say the least.

That would REALLY bother me, too. Why do they have different standards for the 6th grade?

I would be complaining - loudly - until I was heard.

I think the band director is responsible for the appearance of his band. He should decide on appropriate dress and require it for everyone.

UNIFORMS, UNIFORMS, UNIFORMS!!! That would solve the problem!

I was in band in school. For concerts, we had to dress nicely.

Good for you!! Dressing for school like that has gotten way out of control!!

At last year's sixth grade graduation rehearsals, I overheard the then-PA President - a male - embarrassed beyond belief mentioning to one of the teachers that they need to start telling girls of a certain age to invest in undergarments, especially if they're going to be standing under bright lights. I think if someone had said that to me when I was that age, I'd have died of mortification!

Some parents are afraid to set limits, because then they'd have to be the parent.

Students should be required to dress better for a concert than they do for everyday classes.

The audience has a RIGHT to be offended by this kind of garbage and to express how they feel to the school. And the school has an OBLIGATION to address this issue with the student-offenders and their parents!

Those stupid little girls think they look great ... and YES, it IS the responsibility of the adults to burst that bubble and tell them that they look cheap!

We recently had a similar situation happen here … only when I told the school principal that the students looked like little sluts, he not only spoke with the students and parents, but he suspended the students for 1 day each, for violating acceptable school standards!

Oh, it IS bad parenting ... but in those situations where the parents are too unintelligent to do what's right, the school should absolutely enforce appropriate standards.

I think some parents are trying to live vicariously through their children. They want their kids to be in the 'cool' group. What they fail to realize is that they are teaching their daughters that the only way to be popular is to be a (for want of a better word) 'whore'.

Disgusting. And the lack of response equally disgusting. And from an “A+” school district, they claim!

Yep, little girls in trashy clothes look, well, trashy!!!

These are some strange days we are in with this type of thing. Instead of being ticked off that you’re told the 6th graders looked like sluts, why not just enforce the dress code so they can’t look like sluts?

I just don't get how this is okay by parents! And apparently okay with some school personnel too! Totally offensive!

This kind of thing is why I homeschool!

Schools that claim to have dress codes are absolutely obligated to enforce them!

Absolutely shameful! That band director should be held accountable for allowing this to happen.

This school is why all public schools should be uniformed. This is a disgrace.

If they look like sluts, they look like sluts. No sense in trying to say it nicely. It’s an ugly thing. It should sound ugly. If the Vice Principal doesn’t like this, he should do something about it.

It seems a shame to have to punish the whole group due to the lack of judgment of a few, but perhaps the school board should require all musicians wear long pants and button down shirts.

I too hate to see children dressed like sex toys.

So, to those who are offended that *I* aired our school district's dirty laundry in public, GET REAL. I am not the one who chose to parade it across a stage at a PUBLIC event.


  • Amen, Kate! The school administration's silence is a silent affirmation of the behavior. It's got to start somewhere; if it's not going to start at home, they're next in line.

    By Blogger Roe, at 8:59 AM  

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