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Saturday, March 17, 2007

About "Widow's Words"

My previous post, Widow's Words, is simply a list of shared thoughts from a widows group that I facilitate, and also from my journal. A total of 6 are mine. If you can identify which 6 are mine, that's pretty impressive. Because honestly, they're all pretty universal feelings for young widows. I'm sure I've felt them all, at one point or another. At the end of each meeting, everyone writes down where they're at at that moment. In some comments, you can clearly see where the discussion fell during that group meeting. In others, it's not quite so obvious. What is obvious is the clear, raw, unadulterated pain.

If you choose to read these comments, read them slowly. Take a moment to really think about each one, what you have just read. If you do this, by the time you are done reading and thinking, you MIGHT have an outsiders understanding of MAYBE 1% of the journey a widow walks each and every day.


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