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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Top Ten Wishes

Yep, we're in Fantasyland today!

10. Have the money to pay off all our debts and a little left over for some much-needed home improvements.

9. Relax in a new Jacuzzi on a new beautiful deck in our wonderfully landscaped yard.

(You DID see that we're in Fantasyland, didn't you?)

8. Have the house cleaned top to bottom - by someone else!

7. Spend a week hiking in the mountains followed by a week relaxing on the beach. (even though my Mom is protesting, I have to add - followed by a week at Disney World and Universal Studios! -J)

6. Go on a major shopping spree and update our beat-up outdated excuses-for-wardrobes!

(…wishing the fantasy would come true …)

5. Buy new bikes so we can stop spending my time trying to fix our bikes and actually go riding!

4. A drum set!!! (and ear plugs for Mom - boy, am I getting old! -K)

3. Order take-out once a week for the rest of the year!

2. For summer to last just a few weeks longer.

(and our number one wish today)

1 For the price of gas to drop dramatically - like below $2/gallon!


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